One Pretty Minute is a Columbus OH based hard rock act that prides itself on its explosive live show and amazing range of emotional and powerful song subjects. Kicking its audience in the teeth from the first note and holding them on a ride of ups and downs, never letting up for a second on the energy generated from the performance and crowd. When the dust settles and last note slides to a halt, the new and existing fans will know the have been fully rocked.

         OPM was formed in the fall of 2008 and released their first EP “The System” in 2011 on MyPixo records. The debut EP helped push the OPM name forward and they followed up a successful debut with “Addict”. “Addict” was produced/engineered by Joe Viers at Sonic Lounge Studios and released on Broad Horizon Records in 2012. This release gained radio play in select markets as well as internet and satellite radio.

One Pretty Minute is
David Adams - Vocals & Guitars
Bill Morales - Bass & Vocals
Brian Banks - Guitar
Jacob Farnof- Drums

Andy Kuhar - Backup Drums & Programing
Justin Smith - Backup Drums & Programing

OPM is powered by MTD Kingston Basses, Dirtbag Clothing and Spear Guitars

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